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1-2-3FileConvert is a versatile application designed to effortlessly convert PDF files into various formats and modify images and text with ease. Supporting all Microsoft Word and Excel formats, as well as popular image formats like JPG, PNG, and BMP, this tool ensures seamless conversions. With just one click, transform your PDF content and make edits swiftly. The user-friendly interface makes 1-2-3FileConvert incredibly easy to use, while its efficient performance ensures minimal resource consumption and rapid conversions. Additionally, the built-in image editor allows you to refine converted images and apply effects. 1-2-3FileConvert is the ultimate solution for converting and editing PDF files efficiently.
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29 May 2024
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The content of games with a PEGI 3 rating is considered suitable for all age groups. The game should not contain any sounds or pictures that are likely to frighten young children. A very mild form of violence (in a comical context or a childlike setting) is acceptable. No bad language should be heard.

Equivalent to E (low end) and EC (which is no longer used). 435 titles were rated PEGI 3 in 2020.
31.8 MB

1-2-3FileConvert Features

1-2-3FileConvert is a versatile and user-friendly application that allows you to easily convert files to different formats with just a few clicks. Whether you need to convert documents, images, or videos, this app has got you covered. With its intuitive interface and fast processing speed, you can quickly convert your files without any hassle. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to seamless file conversions with 1-2-3FileConvert.

PDF to Word Conversion

Convert PDF documents to editable Word files with just a few clicks. Maintain formatting and layout during the conversion process.

Image to PDF Conversion

Easily convert various image formats such as JPG, PNG, and GIF to PDF files. Customize the output settings for optimal results.

Merge Multiple Files

Combine multiple files of different formats into a single PDF document. Arrange the files in the desired order before merging.

Split PDF Documents

Split large PDF files into smaller, more manageable documents. Choose specific pages or set a maximum file size for the split.

Compress PDF Files

Reduce the file size of PDF documents without compromising quality. Optimize PDFs for sharing or storage purposes.

Convert Excel to PDF

Transform Excel spreadsheets into PDF files while preserving formulas and formatting. Secure your data by converting to PDF format.

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