Mystic Forge Secures €2M Investment to Expand Game Collection

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03 Jul 2024

In a significant move for the indie gaming industry, Dutch publisher Mystic Forge has successfully secured a €2 million ($2.2 million) investment, as reported by The funding round was led by ForsVS and ROM Utrecht Region, providing the label with the financial backing to expand its collection of games.

Expansion and Diversification

Established in 2023 by industry veterans Paul Hanraets, Randy Greenback, and Vernon Vrolijk from Good Shepherd Entertainment, Mystic Forge is poised to broaden its portfolio and secure additional titles with this new investment. The founders bring a wealth of experience and a shared vision for the future of indie gaming.

“This investment enables us to diversify our portfolio and ensure the release of more titles,” stated Hanraets. “While Mystic Forge operates on a global scale, we are deeply committed to enhancing the gaming ecosystem in Utrecht and Belgium.”

Strengthening Regional Ecosystems

ROM Utrecht Region’s senior investment manager, Jeffrey Williams, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Mystic Forge. “Collaborating with Mystic Forge will enrich our gaming landscape with their wealth of industry expertise and network, ultimately strengthening the ecosystem and attracting more investment to the region,” Williams said.

The investment is expected to have a ripple effect, not only boosting Mystic Forge’s capabilities but also enhancing the broader gaming community in Utrecht and Belgium. The strategic focus on these regions underscores the company’s commitment to fostering local talent and innovation.

Looking Ahead

With this substantial financial injection, Mystic Forge is set to embark on an ambitious journey of growth and innovation. The company aims to leverage its newfound resources to bring a diverse array of high-quality indie games to market, catering to a global audience while nurturing local development.

As Mystic Forge continues to evolve, the gaming industry will undoubtedly be watching closely. The successful securing of this investment marks a pivotal moment for the company, setting the stage for future successes and contributions to the indie gaming scene.

Update: 03 Jul 2024

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