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Aurionix File Usage is a lightweight tool designed to enhance your Windows Explorer experience by providing additional information about your files and folders. This handy application introduces new columns in Detail Mode, offering a more comprehensive view of your data. With Aurionix File Usage, you can see: - **Total Size**: Displays the complete size of files and folders, including all subfolders. - **Total Usage**: Shows the percentage of space each element occupies. - **Total Files**: Lists the exact number of files within a folder and its entire structure. - **Parent Usage**: Indicates the size percentage an element occupies within its directory. Simplify your file management and gain better insights with Aurionix File Usage.
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29 May 2024
Aurionix File Usage
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David Thompson
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479.5 KB

Aurionix File Usage Features

Aurionix File Usage is a powerful application designed to help you efficiently manage and organize your files. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily track and monitor your file usage, identify duplicate files, and free up valuable storage space. The app also allows you to quickly search for specific files, categorize them, and even securely delete sensitive information. Say goodbye to cluttered folders and hello to a streamlined file management experience with Aurionix File Usage.

File Management

Efficiently organize, store, and access files with ease. Easily create folders, move files, and rename documents.

File Sharing

Collaborate seamlessly by sharing files with team members. Set permissions and track changes in real-time.

File Syncing

Keep your files up to date across all devices. Sync changes automatically and access files from anywhere.

File Encryption

Protect your sensitive data with advanced encryption techniques. Secure files with password protection.

File Backup

Backup your important files to prevent data loss. Schedule automatic backups and restore files when needed.

File Search

Quickly find files using advanced search filters. Search by name, date, type, and more to locate files instantly.

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