Files App Update: Rounded Corners and New File Management Features

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25 Jun 2024

Files, a third-party file management app available on Windows, has been a favorite among users for years. Known for its sleek design and robust feature set, Files often outshines Microsoft's own File Explorer. The latest update to version 3.5 brings a fresh wave of enhancements, including more rounded corners and several new features that promise to elevate the user experience.

Files v3.5: What’s Changed

The update to version 3.5 may not be monumental, but it introduces a series of thoughtful improvements that make the app even more user-friendly. One of the most noticeable changes is the updated design, which now features more rounded corners. Previously, only the top-left corner of the content area was rounded, but now the entire content area enjoys this aesthetic touch.

The content area is now separated from the status bar, toolbar, and preview pane, providing a cleaner and more organized interface. This separation not only enhances the visual appeal but also improves usability.

Here are some of the key new features introduced in Files v3.5:

  • Action to switch focus between panes: Users can now easily switch focus between different panes within the app.
  • Edit in Notepad option: A new right-click context menu option allows users to edit a file directly in Notepad.
  • Configurable "Open in IDE" button: Users can now configure the "Open in IDE" button on the status bar to suit their preferences.
  • Support for "Thin acrylic" system backdrop: The app now supports a thin acrylic system backdrop for a more modern look.
  • Run AHK files as admin: Users can now run AutoHotkey (AHK) files with administrative privileges.
  • Option to hide the toolbar: The toolbar can now be hidden for a cleaner interface.
  • Total duration display for multiple video files: When selecting multiple video files, the total duration is now displayed.
  • Close left pane in Dual Pane mode: The left pane can now be closed when using Dual Pane mode.
  • Network locations widget: A new widget on the home page displays network locations for easy access.
  • OneDrive sync status tooltip: Hovering over items in OneDrive locations will now display a tooltip detailing the file’s current sync status.
  • Image dimensions tooltip: Hovering over images will now display their dimensions in a tooltip.
  • Edit batch files in Notepad: Selecting a batch (.bat) file will display an "Edit in Notepad" option on the toolbar.
  • Settings Dialog behavior: Opening the log location will now close the Settings Dialog when Files is set as the default file manager.

The update to version 3.5 of Files demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction. With its enhanced design featuring rounded corners and a host of new features, this file management app continues to set the standard for what users can expect from their file management tools on Windows.

Update: 25 Jun 2024
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