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Bitvise, formerly known as Tunnelier, is a powerful SSH and SFTP client for Windows, renowned for its extensive range of features and user-friendly graphical interface. This versatile program supports RSA, DSA, and SSPI authentications, and is compatible with bvterm, xterm, and vt100 protocols. Bitvise offers flexibility with its command terminal and facilitates FTP-to-SFTP bridge connections. The intuitive interface allows users to configure compression and encryption settings for secure data transfers and manage user profiles for streamlined, automated workflows. Ideal for both novice and advanced users, Bitvise ensures comprehensive control and enhanced security for all your SSH and SFTP needs.
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29 May 2024
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25.8 MB

Bitvise Features

Bitvise is a powerful and user-friendly SSH client that allows you to securely connect to remote servers with ease. With its intuitive interface and robust encryption protocols, you can transfer files, manage remote systems, and tunnel your internet traffic securely. Bitvise also offers advanced features like port forwarding, SFTP support, and dynamic tunneling, making it the perfect tool for both novice and experienced users. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to seamless remote access with Bitvise.

Secure Shell (SSH) Client

Connect securely to remote servers using the SSH protocol. Transfer files, execute commands, and manage remote systems with ease.

SFTP Client

Transfer files securely between your local machine and remote servers using the SFTP protocol. Manage files and directories effortlessly.

Remote Desktop (RDP) Client

Access remote Windows desktops with ease using the Remote Desktop Protocol. Control remote systems as if you were physically present.

Port Forwarding

Set up secure tunnels to forward ports between local and remote machines. Access services on remote servers securely.

Terminal Emulation

Emulate terminal sessions to interact with remote servers. Execute commands, view outputs, and manage systems efficiently.

SSH Tunneling

Create secure tunnels to encrypt and forward traffic between local and remote machines. Protect data transmission from prying eyes.

Bitvise overview


Bitvise FAQ

Bitvise SSH Client is primarily a Windows program. Ubuntu users can use Wine to run the Windows installer. Install Wine, download the Bitvise SSH Client installer, and run it using Wine.

Bitvise SSH Client is a Windows program that supports secure remote login and file transfer over SSH. It supports Terminal Access, SFTP, SCP, and advanced tunneling features.

To use Bitvise SSH Client, download and install it on your Windows machine. Launch the program, enter the server details (hostname, port, username, and password), and connect to start a remote session or file transfer.

After installing Bitvise SSH Server on your Windows machine, configure it through the server control panel. Add users, set permissions, and start the server. Clients can then connect using an SSH client like Bitvise SSH Client.

Bitvise Tunnelier, now known as Bitvise SSH Client, can be used by installing it on Windows, configuring the connection settings (hostname, port, user credentials), and utilizing its tunneling features for secure communication.

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