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Cat Poke is an engaging blend of adventure and platformer, perfect for a rainy day indoors. In this charming game, your mission is to annoy all nine of Molly's parents' cats. Navigate the house, collecting various items to aid in your quest. Use a can of food to lure a cat, climb stairs for a better vantage point, or carry a flashlight to explore dark areas. The game features captivating 16-bit visuals, with meticulously crafted pixel art for the cats, Molly, and her mother. Despite its short length—you can complete it in about 30 minutes—Cat Poke offers a delightful and amusing experience. Dive into this whimsical world and enjoy the playful antics of Cat Poke today!
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29 May 2024
Cat Poke
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Equivalent to E (low end) and EC (which is no longer used). 435 titles were rated PEGI 3 in 2020.
5.0 MB

Cat Poke Features

Cat Poke is a delightful and addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours. With its cute and colorful graphics, you'll find yourself poking adorable cats to earn points and unlock new levels. Challenge yourself to beat your high score and compete with friends to see who can poke the most cats. With simple controls and endless fun, Cat Poke is the purr-fect game for cat lovers of all ages. Download now and start poking!

Poke the Cat

Use your finger to poke the cat and see how it reacts. Watch out for its different responses!

Feed the Cat

Keep the cat happy by feeding it its favorite treats. Earn points for every successful feeding!

Dress Up the Cat

Customize the cat's appearance with various outfits and accessories. Show off your styling skills!

Play with the Cat

Engage in fun mini-games with the cat to keep it entertained and active. Challenge your high score!

Bathe the Cat

Give the cat a relaxing bath to keep it clean and healthy. Don't forget to dry its fur afterwards!

Train the Cat

Teach the cat new tricks and commands through interactive training sessions. Watch it perform with skill!

Cat Poke overview


Cat Poke FAQ

Cats don't play poker in the jungle because there are too many cheetahs who would cheat in the game.

Cats may poke you in the face to get your attention, express affection, or seek interaction. It is a way for them to communicate with you.

Your cat pokes you in the face to get your attention, show affection, or check if you are awake. It is a behavior they use to communicate with you.

A cat's tongue may poke out if it's relaxed, comfortable, has dental issues, or is experiencing something called the 'blep.' It can also happen if they forget to retract it after grooming.

Cats poke you with their nose as a form of greeting, to get your attention, or to gather information about you and your surroundings through their sense of smell.

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