Microsoft Identifies Bug in Windows 11, 10 Triggering Timezone Notifications

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25 Jun 2024

Microsoft has acknowledged a bug in Windows 11 and Windows 10 that is causing a flood of notifications requesting permission to change the timezone. Users have reported receiving multiple notifications throughout the day, prompting them to adjust their timezone to match their location.

One frustrated user shared on Feedback Hub, "Every day, and multiple times each day, Windows sends a notification asking for permission to change the timezone. This is very irritating because the timezone has no reason to change and has not changed. I’m in France, and the PC has not changed its location. The timezone is CET (CEST in summer)."

Windows Latest also experienced the unexpected alerts, with notifications appearing in a continuous loop regardless of whether the user selects "Accept" or "Ignore."

Persistent Notifications

The Date & Time notification in Windows 11 indicates a "Time Zone change" has been detected due to a location change, prompting users to confirm the adjustment by clicking "Accept."

Upon accepting the notification, users are directed to the Date & Time settings page, where everything appears normal. Despite user complaints dating back three weeks on official forums, Microsoft has confirmed that a fix is in progress for the timezone detection issue.

One user vented their frustration on Feedback Hub, stating, "This is the 2nd system where this pop up about me changing time zones has occurred. After I set the date and time (Central time zone), why does Windows think that I have moved 455 miles to the East? Fix your darn OS Microsoft."

Microsoft's Response

While the problem has persisted for some users for several months, the frequency of notifications has increased to twice per hour in some cases. Microsoft is actively investigating the reports and is expected to release a server-side fix in the near future.

Update: 25 Jun 2024
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