Windows 11 Adoption Reaches 30% Amid Market Share Fluctuations

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02 Jul 2024

The Market Share Shift

Windows 11 faced a concerning market share dip in the spring, but new data suggests a potential recovery to an all-time peak. While Windows 10 still dominates the market, the upcoming end-of-life date for the OS could drive the growth of its successor.

Windows 11 Adoption

Recent figures from Statcounter reveal that Windows 11 adoption has reached nearly 30 percent of all Windows users, marking a significant turnaround from a previous decline in April. Windows 10, on the other hand, has dropped to 66 percent market share after briefly returning to 70 percent, while Windows 11 has hit a new high of 29.71 percent since its launch in October 2021.

Controversies and Innovations

Early controversies surrounding Windows 11, such as confusing CPU requirements like TPM 2.0 security, have hindered its adoption among users with older CPUs. However, new hardware products pre-installed with Windows 11, along with the rise of AI PC trends, are expected to drive its presence in homes and businesses. The introduction of Arm-based Copilot+ PCs running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X SoCs showcases the latest major update, 24H2, which includes onboard generative AI features.

Security Concerns and Future Updates

Microsoft’s decision to pause the release of Recall, a feature that records user activities for the Copilot AI assistant, due to security vulnerabilities has raised concerns. AMD’s upcoming AI PC SoC, Strix Point, is set to discontinue Windows 10 support upon its release, as the OS’s official end-of-support date is October 14, 2025. Businesses may opt for Extended Security Updates at a premium cost post-2025, with third-party security updates available through 0patch until 2030.

Gaming Influence

Gaming appears to be a driving force behind Windows 11 adoption, as indicated by Steam’s monthly hardware & software survey. In June, Windows 11 adoption reached 46.63 percent, with Windows 10 usage dropping below half of all users. While there are no exclusive Windows 11 games yet, the OS’s popularity among gamers building new rigs could be a contributing factor, especially with its current sale price of .

Update: 02 Jul 2024
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