Microsoft Confirms Issue with Windows 11 Preview Causing Reboots

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03 Jul 2024

Microsoft Confirms Issue with Windows 11 Preview Build

Microsoft has confirmed an issue with a recent Windows 11 preview build that may cause devices to restart repeatedly. This issue seems to only affect virtualized Windows environments that installed the optional June 26 KB5039302 update.

This update, being a preview build, is essentially most of July’s update packaged for an optional early download. It appears to impact Microsoft Cloud PCs, Azure Virtual Desktops, and localized virtual machines running on hypervisors like VMWare or VirtualBox.

For users experiencing this issue on a cloud PC or virtual machine, Microsoft recommends reverting and uninstalling the update from the Windows Recovery environment. Simply navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Uninstall Updates > Uninstall latest quality update, then reboot when prompted.

Despite the boot loop problem for virtual desktop users, the KB5039302 update brings several improvements and fixes for non-virtualized Windows environments. These include:

  • A fix for GPUs not entering idle states when not in use
  • Addressing high system CPU usage caused by the Windows Filtering Platform driver

Overall, the update offers more CPU performance for PC gamers and reduced power draw for GPU users. While the issue may be concerning for some users, the benefits of the update are certainly worth noting.

Update: 03 Jul 2024
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