Microsoft Adjusts Sign Out Options in Windows 11, Adds Recommendations

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05 Jul 2024

There are two levels of annoyance here. Firstly, while said sign-out options are still present, they’re hidden away, buried a further level down in the menu system so an extra click is required to access them. (Indeed, less observant Windows 11 users may not even notice the three-dot icon). And secondly, as complainers on Microsoft’s Feedback Hub have pointed out, they don’t want any more Microsoft Account-related shenanigans in Windows 11’s interface. Especially not additions that are another form of adverts, such as pointing out the benefits of Microsoft 365.

Sadly, Microsoft seems to be adding these kinds of ‘recommendations’ all over Windows 11 currently, and this is just another example. What’s particularly surprising for me is that I saw this change in testing in the Dev channel, but suddenly it seems to have leapt to the release version of Windows 11. Or it will do if Microsoft includes it in the cumulative update for Windows 11 due next week, which seems highly likely. Unless enough people raise objections – so you might want to do your bit on that front if you feel as strongly as I do about this continued messing with the Start menu, or other key parts of the interface like the Settings app, that Microsoft seems increasingly obsessed with.

Gradual Rollout and User Reactions

Note that not all Windows 11 users will see this change straightaway with the July update – if indeed the move does go live as planned – because Microsoft is rolling this one out gradually. It’s coming, though, unless Windows 11 users can change the software giant’s mind, and as one complainant points out, Microsoft could make one easy switch to alleviate some of the pain here: namely leaving the existing options on the bottom of the new panel, instead of shifting them a layer down the interface, hidden away.

As users continue to voice their opinions on platforms like Microsoft’s Feedback Hub, it remains to be seen whether their collective feedback will prompt any changes. The gradual rollout means that some users will have time to adjust and perhaps even grow accustomed to the new layout before it becomes ubiquitous. However, for those who are particularly irked by these changes, this period also offers a window of opportunity to make their opinions known and potentially influence future updates.

In conclusion, while the changes to Windows 11's interface may seem minor to some, they represent a broader trend of integrating more Microsoft Account-related features and recommendations into the operating system. Whether this trend will continue or be adjusted based on user feedback remains an open question. For now, users are encouraged to stay vigilant and make their voices heard if they wish to see any alterations.

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Update: 05 Jul 2024
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