Windows 11 Glitches to Be Addressed in September 24H2 Update

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10 Jul 2024

Small bugs, but seriously annoying glitches can often be the bane of any operating system. While these glitches might sound like little things – and indeed they are in the grand scheme of bugs, which can really mess with your PC in the worst cases – they are still wrinkles that can hamper the overall experience of using an operating system.

When you flit around from menu to menu in Windows 11, if, at times, you’re having to pause to wait for a panel of options to actually appear, it feels like using a piece of beta software more than anything else. And true, some of these problems are indeed only in testing right now – but not all of them, with others actually affecting the finished version of Windows 11.

A Modern OS Must Feel Good

A modern OS must not only look good – and Windows 11 has done some impressive work on that front – but it has to feel good, too, which means no unresponsive bits of interface ruining the smooth flow of navigating around the desktop. Still, at least these fixes are inbound now, and should be here before too long – we’re expecting the 24H2 update to arrive in September or thereabouts.

Note that the 24H2 update is not to be confused with Windows 11 24H2 as installed on Copilot+ PCs – the latter was needed for these Arm-based machines, but it doesn’t contain all the full fixes and features that’ll be delivered in September (in theory). Think of it as a barebones version, with the meat still to be added as an update when Microsoft finalizes everything for the 24H2 update (which is officially still in testing).

As users eagerly await the 24H2 update, it’s important to keep in mind that these small bugs and glitches, while annoying, are part and parcel of software development. The key is how quickly and effectively these issues are addressed. With Microsoft’s track record and the anticipation surrounding this update, there’s a sense of optimism that Windows 11 will soon offer an even smoother and more seamless user experience.

What is the difference between Windows 11 Home and Pro?

Windows 11 Home is aimed at general consumers and includes essential features such as a redesigned Start Menu, Widgets, and Virtual Desktops. Windows 11 Pro includes all the features of Home but adds advanced security features like BitLocker, Windows Information Protection, and tools for business, such as Group Policy and domain join. It is designed for businesses and power users who need enhanced security and management tools.

What's the difference between Windows 11 Home and Windows Pro?

Windows 11 Home caters to everyday users with features like a new Start Menu, Snap Layouts, and Widgets. Windows 11 Pro offers all these but adds business-oriented features like BitLocker encryption, Windows Information Protection, group policy management, and advanced networking. It's ideal for businesses and advanced users who need higher security and management capabilities.
Update: 10 Jul 2024
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