Brad Silverberg Holds First-Ever Copy of Revolutionary Windows 95

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10 Jul 2024

Brad Silverberg, former senior vice president and product manager at Microsoft, recently made a surprising revelation to the tech world. Responding to a post by Dave Plummer, another prominent Microsoft employee, Brad shared that he is in possession of the very first copy of Windows 95 ever created by Microsoft.

In a tweet, Dave Plummer showcased his Windows 95 Special Edition still in its original shrinkwrap, sparking Brad Silverberg to share his own piece of history. Unlike Dave's version from the launch day, Brad's copy is not just the first version or from the initial batch on shelves – it is the inaugural copy of Windows 95 to come off the assembly line.

Windows 95: A Revolutionary Leap

Windows 95, released on August 15, 1995 (RTM), revolutionized the tech industry by merging MS-DOS and the Microsoft Windows shell into a single platform. With a more user-friendly graphical interface and new features like Plug-and-Play device connectivity, Windows 95 set the stage for future Windows iterations.

Key elements introduced in Windows 95 have become staples in modern operating systems:

  • The Taskbar: This feature allowed users to see and switch between open applications easily.
  • The "Start" Button: An iconic element that provided quick access to programs and settings.
  • File Explorer: Debuting under its own name, it marked a significant shift from previous versions.
  • Desktop Icons: These allowed for a new level of user interaction and customization.

The debut of these features not only enhanced user experience but also set a new standard for operating systems. The concept of desktop icons and customization added a new level of user interaction, making personal computing more intuitive and accessible.

Brad Silverberg's revelation adds a tangible piece to the rich history of Windows 95, reminding us of the groundbreaking steps taken in the mid-90s that continue to influence modern computing. As we look back, it's clear that the innovations introduced with Windows 95 were not just incremental updates but transformative changes that shaped the future of technology.

How to run old windows 95 games on windows 10?

To run old Windows 95 games on Windows 10, you can use compatibility mode. Right-click the game executable, select 'Properties,' go to the 'Compatibility' tab, and check 'Run this program in compatibility mode for,' then select 'Windows 95.' Alternatively, use a virtual machine with Windows 95 installed via software like VirtualBox, or use emulation software like DOSBox for games that originally ran on DOS.

How to run old windows 95 games?

Running old Windows 95 games can be done using compatibility mode or emulation. For newer operating systems, right-click the game executable, choose 'Properties,' go to the 'Compatibility' tab and select 'Windows 95' from the dropdown menu. For better results, you might use a virtual machine with Windows 95 installed, using software such as VirtualBox, or use DOSBox to emulate the DOS environment if the game was originally designed for DOS.
Update: 10 Jul 2024
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