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DriverAgent is an essential tool for keeping all your computer's drivers up to date effortlessly. With just a double-click, the application scans your system in seconds, identifying which drivers need updating. The results are displayed in a browser tab, with outdated drivers highlighted in red and up-to-date ones in green. Updating drivers is simple and can be done automatically with a paid license. DriverAgent ensures your computer runs smoothly by preventing issues caused by outdated drivers. Keep your system optimized and avoid potential problems with this user-friendly application.
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29 May 2024
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614.6 KB

DriverAgent Features

DriverAgent is your ultimate solution for keeping your computer's drivers up to date and running smoothly. With a user-friendly interface, it scans your system for outdated drivers and provides you with the latest updates. Say goodbye to frustrating crashes and slow performance - DriverAgent ensures your computer is always operating at its best. Download now and experience the benefits of a well-maintained system.

Driver Updates

Easily update all your drivers to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your system.

Backup & Restore

Create backups of your drivers and restore them whenever needed to avoid any system issues.

Driver Scan

Scan your system to identify outdated or missing drivers and take action to resolve them.

Driver Database

Access a vast database of drivers to find the latest versions and ensure compatibility with your hardware.

Scheduled Scans

Set up automated scans to regularly check for driver updates and keep your system running smoothly.

Driver Rollback

Roll back to previous driver versions if an update causes issues or conflicts with your system.

DriverAgent overview


DriverAgent FAQ

DriverAgent by eSupport is a software tool designed to scan your computer for outdated drivers and provide options for updating them to improve system performance and stability.

Whether to remove DriverAgent Plus depends on your experience with the tool. If you encounter problems or prefer another method of updating drivers, removal might be a good choice.

To remove DriverAgent Plus, you can go to the Control Panel, select 'Programs and Features,' find DriverAgent Plus in the list, and click 'Uninstall.' Follow the prompts to complete the uninstallation.

Trustworthiness can vary. Some users find DriverAgent Plus helpful, while others report issues. It's recommended to read reviews and ensure you download software from reputable sources.

The trustworthiness of DriverAgent depends on user experience. Some value its functionality to update drivers, while others have reported issues. Read reviews and use trusted download sources.

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