Duke Nukem Forever 2013

Duke Nukem Forever 2013 download for free to PC or mobile

Duke Nukem Forever 2013 is an exciting mod for Duke Nukem 3D, requiring the original game to be installed. This unique conversion offers a fresh take on the 'Forever' version, which was critically panned upon release. Dive into a new storyline filled with numerous new locations, situations, enemies, and non-playable characters. Duke is once again on a mission to save Earth, but this time, you'll experience cinematic, non-interactive scenes reminiscent of Call of Duty, adding a movie-like flair to the gameplay. However, the action remains true to Duke's style—intense and without cover or life regeneration. Duke Nukem Forever 2013 is a must-play for die-hard Duke fans, offering nostalgic parallels to previous versions while delivering an exhilarating new adventure. Get ready to relive the Duke Nukem experience with a twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
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29 May 2024
Duke Nukem Forever 2013
32.0 MB
free of charge
Gambini & Mikko Sandt
722 reviews
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32.0 MB

Duke Nukem Forever 2013 Features

Duke Nukem Forever 2013 is a high-octane first-person shooter that puts you in the shoes of the iconic Duke Nukem as he battles aliens to save the world. With stunning graphics, intense gameplay, and a hilarious storyline, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Blast your way through hordes of enemies, use an arsenal of weapons, and enjoy the classic Duke Nukem humor that fans know and love. Get ready for non-stop action and unforgettable moments in Duke Nukem Forever 2013.

Alien Invasion

Fight off hordes of alien invaders as Duke Nukem in this action-packed first-person shooter.

Multiplayer Mayhem

Challenge your friends in intense multiplayer battles with various game modes and maps.

Boss Battles

Face off against epic bosses with unique abilities and strategies to defeat them.

Destructible Environments

Experience realistic destruction as you blast through walls and buildings to take down enemies.

Vehicle Combat

Hop into various vehicles and engage in high-speed combat against enemy forces.

Time Travel

Explore different time periods and alter the course of history in this thrilling adventure.

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