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File Tree Printer is a user-friendly application designed to streamline the organization of your hard drive and projects. This handy tool generates a comprehensive list of all contents within a specified directory, CD, or DVD, saving it as a .TXT file. Simply select the desired directory, and within seconds, you'll receive a text document featuring the complete directory path in the header, along with a detailed list of all files and folders. For directories with subfolders, the tool seamlessly integrates all nested directories into the main folder's content. Additionally, File Tree Printer offers customizable settings to display secondary data such as dates and folder sizes. Enhance your file management efficiency with File Tree Printer today!
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10 Jun 2024
File Tree Printer
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File Tree Printer Features

File Tree Printer is a user-friendly application that allows you to easily print out a detailed list of all the files and folders within a selected directory. With just a few clicks, you can customize the layout and formatting of the file tree to suit your needs. Whether you need a hard copy for reference or want to organize your files more efficiently, File Tree Printer is the perfect tool for the job. Say goodbye to manual file listing and hello to streamlined organization with this handy application.

Print File Tree

Generate a printable file tree structure with detailed information about files and folders.

Export to PDF

Export the file tree structure to a PDF document for easy sharing and printing.

Customize Output

Tailor the output format by selecting specific file attributes and sorting options.

Search Functionality

Quickly search for specific files or folders within the file tree structure.

Multiple Themes

Choose from a variety of themes to customize the appearance of the file tree output.

Batch Processing

Process multiple file tree structures at once to save time and improve efficiency.

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