Orbit Studio Announces Sky Dust: Cyberpunk Action Game for PC via Steam

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01 Jul 2024

Developer Orbit Studio has announced the upcoming release of a new action side-scrolling game set in a cyberpunk universe called Sky Dust for PC via Steam.

Set in a future where society has collapsed following a global disaster, Sky Dust explores a world where the lines between morality and ethics have become blurred. In this dystopian setting, powerful individuals hire mercenaries to carry out various tasks, with data trafficking in the Cyberverse being a common occurrence. Players will take on the role of a mercenary embarking on a transformative journey that will not only impact their own life but also the world around them.

Challenging Combat

Combat encounters in Sky Dust will require strategic thinking as enemies possess a variety of moves and abilities. Players will need to master the art of dodging, parrying, and striking at the right moment to succeed. The game promises to test players' reflexes and decision-making skills, making each battle a unique challenge.

Engaging Gameplay Loop

Sky Dust offers a metroidvania-style gameplay experience where players progress through the main campaign, collecting money along the way. This currency can be used to upgrade the character and engage in various activities within the game hub. The progression system is designed to keep players invested in their character's growth and development.


The game features two distinct universes – the real world and the virtual world – both of which have collapsed after the global disaster. Players will have access to different abilities and skill trees in each of these worlds, adding depth to the gameplay experience. Navigating between these realms will be crucial for solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles, ensuring that players remain engaged throughout their journey.

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Update: 01 Jul 2024
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