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Forsaken World is an immersive MMORPG that transports players to the enchanting and perilous realm of Eyrda. Choose from five diverse races—humans, elves, dwarves, stonemen, and kindreds—and specialize in classes like warrior, mage, cleric, assassin, protector, vampire, bard, or marksman. Engage in epic battles and experience a unique PvP system where victors absorb their foes' souls. This free-to-play game boasts stunning visuals and a thriving community, making it a must-play for fantasy enthusiasts. Dive into Forsaken World and forge your destiny in a land teeming with adventure and camaraderie.
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10 Jun 2024
Forsaken World
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Equivalent to E (low end) and EC (which is no longer used). 435 titles were rated PEGI 3 in 2020.
8.3 MB

Forsaken World Features

Embark on an epic journey in Forsaken World, a captivating MMORPG filled with stunning graphics and immersive gameplay. Choose from multiple races and classes, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Explore a vast open world, complete challenging quests, and engage in thrilling PvP battles. Customize your character with a wide range of gear and mounts, and join a guild to conquer dungeons and world bosses together. With regular updates and events, there's always something new to discover in Forsaken World. Join the adventure today and forge your own destiny!

Guild System

Join or create a guild with other players to participate in guild events, conquer territories, and build a strong community within the game.

Mount System

Collect and train various mounts to travel faster, engage in mounted combat, and show off your unique collection to other players.

PvP Arenas

Test your skills against other players in intense PvP battles in various arenas, earn rewards, and climb the ranks to become a PvP champion.

Dungeon Raids

Team up with other players to conquer challenging dungeons, defeat powerful bosses, and earn valuable loot to improve your character.

Crafting System

Gather resources, learn various crafting professions, and create powerful gear, potions, and other items to enhance your gameplay experience.

Pet System

Capture and train pets to fight alongside you in battles, provide buffs and support, and become loyal companions on your adventures.

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