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Free Sound Recorder is a versatile application that lets you record any sound played on your computer and save it as MP3, WAV, or WMA files. Whether you want to capture your voice using a microphone, record a podcast, save a radio station broadcast, or grab audio from streaming videos, this tool has you covered. If it plays on your computer, you can record it. The built-in audio editor makes it easy to edit your recordings with basic functions. Ideal for capturing video game sounds, music from the internet, and more, Free Sound Recorder is a great choice for all your audio recording needs.
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29 May 2024
Free Sound Recorder
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The content of games with a PEGI 3 rating is considered suitable for all age groups. The game should not contain any sounds or pictures that are likely to frighten young children. A very mild form of violence (in a comical context or a childlike setting) is acceptable. No bad language should be heard.

Equivalent to E (low end) and EC (which is no longer used). 435 titles were rated PEGI 3 in 2020.
10.2 MB

Free Sound Recorder Features

Free Sound Recorder is a user-friendly application that allows you to easily capture and record any sound on your computer. With its simple interface, you can effortlessly record audio from your microphone, external devices, or even streaming music. The software offers high-quality recordings in various formats, making it perfect for creating podcasts, voiceovers, or music tracks. Additionally, Free Sound Recorder includes editing tools to trim and enhance your recordings, as well as scheduling options for automated recording sessions. Say goodbye to complicated recording software and hello to Free Sound Recorder - your go-to solution for all your audio recording needs.

Record Audio

Easily record audio from your microphone or any other input device with high quality sound.

Edit Recordings

Edit your recordings by trimming, cutting, or adding effects to enhance the audio quality.

Scheduled Recording

Set up scheduled recordings to capture audio at specific times without manual intervention.

Audio Formats

Supports a wide range of audio formats for saving your recordings in the format of your choice.

Playback Controls

Control playback with features like play, pause, rewind, fast forward, and volume adjustment.

File Management

Organize and manage your recordings with features like renaming, deleting, and sorting by date or name.

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Free Sound Recorder FAQ

To record audio from your computer using a free sound recorder, download and install a free sound recording software, select the input source (system audio or microphone), and click the Record button to start capturing the audio.

Yes, most free screen video recorders can capture sound. Ensure the software settings include audio recording from the system sound, microphone, or both.

To record streaming audio online as MP3 using a free sound recorder, set the input source to system audio, start the recording, play the streaming audio, and save the output file as an MP3.

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