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Google Cache Checker is a handy Firefox extension that lets you instantly check if the webpage you're visiting is indexed by Google. This tool is perfect for bloggers and website owners who want to know when their latest articles are indexed or if any of their pages are missing from Google's search index. The extension adds a small icon to Firefox's status bar, turning green if the page is indexed and red if it's not. Additionally, if the page is indexed, you can access the cached version on Google and see the date it was last saved. Enhance your SEO efforts with Google Cache Checker and stay informed about your site's indexing status.
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29 May 2024
Google Cache Checker
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Google Cache Checker Features

Google Cache Checker is a powerful tool that allows you to easily check if your website is being indexed by Google's cache. With just a few clicks, you can see when Google last visited your site, view the cached version of your pages, and ensure that your content is being properly displayed in search results. Stay ahead of the game and monitor your site's performance with Google Cache Checker.

Check Google Cache

Easily check if a webpage is cached by Google and view the cached version.

Cache Date & Time

View the date and time when Google last cached a specific webpage.

Compare Cached Versions

Compare different cached versions of a webpage to track changes over time.

Cache Status Codes

Check the HTTP status codes of cached pages for troubleshooting purposes.

Cache Removal Request

Submit a request to Google to remove a cached version of a webpage from search results.

Cache History Timeline

View a timeline of cached versions of a webpage to analyze indexing patterns.

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