Google Chrome Tests Audio Offload to Enhance Battery Life and Efficiency

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25 Jun 2024

Chrome is known for its features that extend battery life and minimize resource usage. One such feature is the battery saver, which sacrifices performance for a longer work session. Now, Google Chrome is testing a new method to offload audio processing to save battery life on Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Innovative Audio Offload Feature

Windows Latest discovered hints of the audio offload feature in a commit page from June 14. The feature aims to offload audio tasks from the CPU to dedicated hardware, such as the audio processor. By doing so, Chrome can free up CPU resources and increase the device’s battery life.

The concept of audio offload is not new, as Google, Microsoft, and Intel have been working on it for some time. The feature is still in the experimental phase, and there is no mention of a release timeline. However, users can test the feature by enabling the “Audio offload for video streaming” flag in Chrome Canary.

It is important to note that the audio offload feature is designed for battery-powered devices like laptops and tablets. Both the operating system and the device must support the feature for it to work effectively. Edge, which uses the same Chromium engine as Chrome, may also introduce a similar feature in the future.

In conclusion, Chrome’s testing of the audio offload feature shows its commitment to improving user experience and optimizing resource usage. As technology continues to evolve, these innovative features will play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of web browsers.

Update: 25 Jun 2024
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