Thunderful Divests Distribution Business in Strategic Restructuring Move

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01 Jul 2024

European publisher Thunderful has announced the divestment of its distribution business. The company revealed in a release to investors that it has sold this part of its business to Bergsala NPD AB, a newly-formed outfit. As part of the deal, Thunderful has parted ways with AMO Toys AB, Bergsala Aktiebolag, Thunderful 1 AB, and Thunderful Solutions AB.

A New Chapter with Bergsala NPD AB

Bergsala NPD AB is owned by Thunderful board member and largest shareholder, Owe Bergsten. The transaction was initially announced on May 21st and has now been fully completed as of July 1st. This move marks a significant shift in Thunderful's operational focus.

Thunderful chair Patrick Svensk expressed his satisfaction with the deal, stating, “I am pleased that we have found a solution that will put the company in a much stronger financial position as we will be able to fully amortise our credit facility and have sufficient liquidity to execute on our initiatives in the games segment.”

Strategic Restructuring for Future Growth

This divestment is part of Thunderful’s strategic restructuring efforts. Earlier this year, the company sold off developer Headup to Microcuts, owned by Headup boss Dieter Schoeller. In January, Thunderful also announced a staff reduction of 20% as part of its restructuring plan to focus on creating shareholder value through growth in the games segment.

The divestment of the distribution business aligns with Thunderful's broader strategy to streamline operations and concentrate resources on its core competencies. By shedding non-core assets, the company aims to enhance its financial stability and invest more robustly in its gaming ventures.

As Thunderful navigates this transformative period, industry analysts will be keenly observing how these strategic moves impact the company's market position and long-term growth prospects. With a leaner structure and a renewed focus on gaming, Thunderful appears poised to carve out a more defined niche in the competitive landscape.

Update: 01 Jul 2024

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