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Discover the ultimate guitar learning experience with Guitar Guru! Perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike, Guitar Guru lets you master your favorite songs from legendary bands like the Rolling Stones, Beatles, and Led Zeppelin, as well as modern hits from Coldplay and Green Day. Simply choose the song section you want to practice, and the app will guide your finger positions effortlessly. Guitar Guru offers versatile modes, allowing you to switch between acoustic and electric guitar, and even explore other instruments like the banjo and bass guitar. With an extensive song library, you'll never run out of tunes to play, and you can easily expand your collection through our main page. Whether you're just starting out or looking to learn a few new songs, Guitar Guru makes guitar practice simple and enjoyable. Join the Guitar Guru community today and elevate your musical journey!
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29 May 2024
Guitar Guru
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4.7 MB

Guitar Guru Features

Guitar Guru is the ultimate app for all guitar enthusiasts! With a vast library of chords, scales, and songs, you can learn and master your favorite tunes with ease. The interactive lessons and tutorials make it fun and easy to improve your skills, while the customizable practice sessions help you track your progress. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Guitar Guru is your go-to tool for becoming a guitar virtuoso. Download now and start rocking out!

Chord Library

Access a comprehensive library of chords to learn and practice on the guitar. From basic to advanced chords, find everything you need to improve your skills.

Tuner Tool

Use the built-in tuner tool to ensure your guitar is always in tune. Get real-time feedback on the pitch of each string and make adjustments as needed.

Lesson Plans

Explore a variety of lesson plans designed to help you progress in your guitar playing journey. From beginner to expert level, there's something for everyone.

Metronome Feature

Improve your timing and rhythm with the metronome feature. Set your desired tempo and practice along to the beat to enhance your musical skills.

Song Library

Discover a wide range of songs to learn and play on the guitar. From classic hits to modern tunes, expand your repertoire and impress your friends.

Recording Studio

Record your guitar playing sessions with the built-in recording studio. Save your tracks, listen back to them, and share your music with others.

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Guitar Guru FAQ

To play 'Metal Guru' by T. Rex on guitar, you need to know basic chords such as E, A, D, and G. The song primarily uses these chords in a simple strumming pattern. For detailed tabs, check online guitar tab websites.

For 'What's My Scene' by Hoodoo Gurus, the tabs include the following chords: E, A, B, and C#m. The intro riff can be found on guitar tab websites along with the entire song structure. It's a mix of power chords and some open chords.

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