Gamer Aphmau's CatFace Production Company Thrives with 80 Employees

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05 Jul 2024

Meet Jessica Bravura, also known as Aphmau, a 34-year-old gamer who has amassed a massive following of 21 million subscribers on YouTube. Her claim to fame? Viral Minecraft roleplay videos that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Bravura’s success didn’t happen overnight. She started her YouTube channel over a decade ago, with her earliest videos showcasing her Minecraft gameplay garnering millions of views. In 2021, talent-management firm Night signed her, helping to manage and expand her growing business empire.

Aphmau’s VidCon 2024 Experience

At this year’s VidCon, Aphmau stole the show with her engaging panels and meet-and-greets that drew massive crowds of adoring fans. Her exhibit featured a whimsical purple cat-themed carnival, complete with games, treats, and exclusive merchandise.

Inside CatFace: Aphmau’s Production Company

With around 80 in-house employees and contractors, Aphmau runs her production company, CatFace, from Austin. The team handles everything from video production to managing her branded merchandise line, MeeMeows.

The Minecraft Streaming Trend

As part of a growing trend of Minecraft streamers on YouTube, Aphmau’s nomination for a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award solidifies her status as a favorite among fans. Alongside other popular creators like Dream, Aphmau’s enduring success proves that the allure of Minecraft content remains strong even after 15 years.

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Update: 05 Jul 2024
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