Minecraft Update Makes Cherry Blossom Biome Easier to Locate

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06 Jul 2024

The Cherry Blossom biome in Minecraft is a visual treat, with its bright pink trees and petals scattered across the ground. However, finding this elusive biome can be quite the challenge due to its typically small size. For those on the hunt, it’s advisable to search near mountains, as this is the most likely adjacent biome. Yet, the Cherry Blossom biome can spawn anywhere, making the search a test of patience and luck.

Using Console Commands to Locate Cherry Blossoms

For players willing to enable console commands, there’s a straightforward method to locate the Cherry Blossom biome:

  1. Open the console command box and type: /locate biome cherry_grove. This command will provide the exact coordinates of the nearest Cherry Blossom biome.
  2. With these coordinates in hand, type: /tp X X X (replace the X’s with the provided coordinates). This will teleport you to the vicinity of the Cherry Blossom biome.

Be prepared; you might find yourself underground upon teleporting. However, you’ll be directly beneath the Cherry Blossom biome, ready to explore its beauty.

Harvesting and Utilizing Cherry Blossoms

Once you’ve arrived at a Cherry Blossom biome, you can chop down the vibrant pink trees to gather Cherry Logs. These logs are dark brown on the outside and pink on the inside. When broken down into Cherry Planks, they can be used to craft all standard wood items in Minecraft. However, exercise caution while chopping, as Bee Nests are often found in these trees.

The unique aesthetic of Cherry Planks makes them an excellent choice for construction projects. Their bright pink hue can add a distinctive flair to any structure, setting your creations apart from the usual builds.

Growing Your Own Cherry Blossom Trees

Finding the Cherry Blossom biome is just the beginning. The biome doesn’t boast an abundance of trees, so resources are limited. Fortunately, by cutting down Cherry Blossoms and their leaves, you can acquire Cherry Saplings. These saplings can be planted in dirt or grass blocks and will eventually grow into large Cherry Blossom trees.

In addition to saplings, you can collect Cherry Leaves, which are petals found on the ground near the trees. Using shears, you can harvest these petals and place them around entryways or other areas to add a touch of flora and color. To produce more Cherry Leaves, simply use Bone Meal on the petals once they’re placed on the ground.

Understanding how to find and cultivate Cherry Blossom trees in Minecraft opens up a world of creative possibilities. With a steady supply of trees and petals, you can build unique and eye-catching structures that stand out in your Minecraft world.

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Update: 06 Jul 2024
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