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Discover IEHistoryView, a user-friendly application designed to manage your Internet Explorer browsing history effortlessly. With IEHistoryView, you can easily modify the paths of broken URLs and view your most-visited sites. This versatile tool also allows you to check the browsing history for each user profile on your computer, providing insight into online activities. Say goodbye to the tedious task of deleting entries one by one; IEHistoryView enables you to erase multiple entries simultaneously. Additionally, the application can generate detailed HTML reports for selected URLs, making it easier to organize and review your browsing data. Simplify your Internet Explorer history management with IEHistoryView today!
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29 May 2024
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Nir Sofer
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48.0 KB

IEHistoryView Features

IEHistoryView is a user-friendly application that allows you to easily access and view your Internet Explorer browsing history. With just a few clicks, you can see a detailed list of all the websites you've visited, along with the date and time of each visit. You can also filter and search through your history to find specific websites or keywords. Additionally, IEHistoryView lets you export your browsing history to various file formats for easy sharing or backup. Stay organized and keep track of your online activity with this handy tool.

View Browsing History

Easily view and analyze the browsing history of Internet Explorer, including visited URLs, time stamps, and more.

Export History Data

Export the browsing history data to various file formats such as CSV, HTML, XML, or text file for further analysis or backup.

Search History Entries

Quickly search and filter through the browsing history entries based on keywords, URLs, or time frames to find specific information.

Sort History Records

Sort the browsing history records by various criteria such as URL, title, visit count, and last visited date for better organization.

Delete Selected Entries

Select and delete specific browsing history entries to maintain privacy and free up space on your computer.

Generate Statistics Report

Generate detailed statistics reports based on the browsing history data, including visit count, most visited sites, and browsing trends.

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