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Instant Elevator Music is a unique application that plays soothing elevator music whenever a progress bar makes you wait on your PC. Whether you're installing software or waiting for a file to download, you'll be entertained by classic tunes. By default, enjoy a quirky version of the Super Mario Bros theme, but feel free to switch it up or add your own music files. With a variety of tracks and customizable options, this amusing program is sure to bring a smile to your face and surprise your friends. Give Instant Elevator Music a try for a fun and delightful waiting experience!
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10 Jun 2024
Instant Elevator Music
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1.7 MB

Instant Elevator Music Features

Instant Elevator Music is the perfect solution for those awkward moments when you're waiting for a meeting to start or standing in line. With just a click, you can instantly transform any dull moment into a fun and upbeat experience with catchy elevator music. Customize your playlist and volume to suit your mood, and enjoy a seamless transition from silence to groovy tunes. Say goodbye to awkward silences and hello to instant good vibes with Instant Elevator Music!

Auto-detecting Meetings

Automatically detects when you are in a meeting and plays elevator music to keep things light and pleasant.

Customizable Music Library

Easily customize your elevator music playlist with your favorite tunes to keep you entertained during those short waits.

Volume Control

Adjust the volume of the elevator music to suit your preferences and ensure it doesn't disturb your surroundings.

Timer Function

Set a timer for how long you want the elevator music to play, ensuring it stops when you no longer need it.

Background Mode

Enable background mode to continue playing elevator music even when you switch to other apps or lock your device.

Notification Alerts

Receive notifications when elevator music is about to start or stop, keeping you informed and in control.

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