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29 May 2024
LS Screen Capture
2.8 MB
free of charge
Linos Software
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The content of games with a PEGI 3 rating is considered suitable for all age groups. The game should not contain any sounds or pictures that are likely to frighten young children. A very mild form of violence (in a comical context or a childlike setting) is acceptable. No bad language should be heard.

Equivalent to E (low end) and EC (which is no longer used). 435 titles were rated PEGI 3 in 2020.
2.8 MB

LS Screen Capture Features

LS Screen Capture is a powerful tool that allows you to easily capture and save screenshots of your computer screen. With just a few clicks, you can capture full screen, specific windows, or custom areas. The built-in editor lets you annotate and edit your screenshots before saving or sharing them. Whether you need to capture important information, create tutorials, or simply save memories, LS Screen Capture has got you covered. Say goodbye to complicated screenshot tools and hello to simplicity and efficiency with LS Screen Capture.

Capture Full Screen

Easily capture the entire screen with just one click, perfect for saving important information or sharing with others.

Capture Selected Area

Select and capture a specific area of the screen, ideal for focusing on a particular section of content.

Capture Window

Capture a specific window or application on the screen, useful for documenting software processes or errors.

Annotate Screenshots

Add annotations, text, arrows, and shapes to screenshots to provide context or highlight important details.

Edit Screenshots

Edit screenshots by cropping, resizing, or adding filters to enhance the visual presentation before sharing.

Save in Multiple Formats

Save screenshots in various formats such as PNG, JPEG, or PDF for flexibility in sharing and compatibility.

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