Microsoft PowerToys Integrates with Vivaldi and Beeper for Enhanced Tools

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25 Jun 2024

Many of you have probably heard of PowerToys, a revival of the app of the same name that existed in the 90s and early 2000s. It’s a suite of various tools that power up your Windows experience. Developed by Microsoft itself, with significant contributions from the open-source community, PowerToys is not included in Windows, but for how useful it is, it probably should be.

Vivaldi: A Browser Alternative

Microsoft’s own Edge browser gets a little more hate than it really deserves, but it’s still a browser that isn’t really for everyone. As time has gone on, Microsoft has loaded it with all kinds of bloat and features many don’t really need. Therefore, an alternative is very much necessary for some people. Enter Vivaldi, a browser that offers a customizable and efficient browsing experience without the unnecessary extras.

Beeper: Unified Messaging

A list of essential software applications has to include a messaging app of your choice, and very often you’ll see Discord recommended. But why not get the app that brings all your messaging services together instead? That’s Beeper, and it’s one of the easiest apps to recommend. Beeper consolidates various messaging platforms into one interface, making communication seamless and efficient.

Microsoft 365: Office Essentials

Depending on who you bought your PC from, it’s possible that it already comes with the Microsoft 365 suite of apps installed. If it doesn’t, then it’s probably one of the first things to do once you have a new PC. The Microsoft 365 suite includes the Office apps you’re already familiar with, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, plus a few others that are useful for plenty of things.

MalwareBytes: Extra Protection

Windows has gotten better at protecting you from most threats on the internet, but extra protection is never a bad thing. So if you don’t want to rely on Microsoft Defender, you’ll want a different antivirus, and one of the easiest options to recommend is MalwareBytes. It offers robust protection against malware and other online threats.

Spotify: Music Streaming

Checking off another one of those obvious options, you’ll probably want a music streaming service too. Spotify has generally been the go-to for most people on Windows. Apple Music is also available, and so are a few other options, but Spotify is still the more reliable option if you’re not on an Apple device.

Bitwarden: Password Management

Everyone knows they should use an antivirus like MalwareBytes, but what many people fail to realize is how much of their security starts with the user. There’s a good chance you’ve been overlooking the importance of a password manager. Bitwarden can help you remember all the passwords for your different services and keep them stored in a secure location that’s much safer than having a bunch of sticky notes around your screen.

Steam: Game Distribution

Another one of those obvious ones that have to be on any list, Steam is the go-to platform for game distribution on PC. Almost any game you’d want to play is available on Steam, especially with the huge indie scene that Steam has been fostering for years.

Epic Games Store: Free Games Galore

Steam may be the best platform for gaming on PC, but Epic Games has been trying its absolute best to take that spotlight away. While it hasn’t really succeeded, there is one big thing in Epic Games’ favor here — every week, you can download a new game for free, which makes it easy to build up a large library without spending a dime.

Ninite: Simplified App Installation

If anything is still missing from your PC, that’s a job for Ninite. This lightweight app has two main features. First, it lets you easily download a wide range of popular apps, including many of the ones we’ve mentioned above, like Steam and MalwareBytes. Second, it automatically installs these apps without any bloatware or additional prompts, making your setup process smooth and hassle-free.

With these software applications on your PC, you’re now fully ready to make full use of it. If you’re looking for a few more apps that may have flown under your radar during your initial setup, we’ve also compiled a list of must-have third-party applications to enhance your productivity and entertainment experience.

Update: 25 Jun 2024
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