Windows 11 Update to Include Template Customization and AI Integration

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07 Jul 2024

New+ is revolutionizing the way users interact with templates, offering a level of customization that goes beyond the limitations of readymade options. Unlike traditional systems, New+ allows users to create and manage an array of templates, which are conveniently stored in the Documents folder by default. For those utilizing OneDrive, this means seamless synchronization across multiple connected PCs.

Customization and Flexibility

One of the standout features of New+ is the ability to change the icons of each template, making it easier to understand their specific purposes at a glance. Additionally, New+ offers the flexibility to hide or display file extensions and edit templates directly. Users can also add or remove templates from the context menu or even change their save location, providing a highly customizable experience.

However, this extensive list of templates in the context menu can become overwhelming. Currently, Windows 11 does not support nested context menus, which means users must scroll through a long list of templates. Once the operating system supports nested context menus, users will be able to categorize templates more efficiently. For instance, multiple job application templates could be grouped under a nested context menu option labeled “Job application.”

Future Prospects

The developers behind New+ have ambitious plans for its future. Although the name for the new feature isn't finalized yet, there are discussions about creating a marketplace where users can share or download additional templates. This marketplace could significantly expand the utility and appeal of New+, making it a go-to tool for template management.

Another exciting prospect is the integration of generative AI to create templates via prompts. This would enable users to generate customized templates quickly and efficiently, further enhancing the user experience.

It’s important to note that these features are not publicly available yet. However, the potential for New+ to transform template management is immense, promising a more streamlined and personalized approach for users.

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Update: 07 Jul 2024
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