Microsoft Enhances Notepad with Spellcheck, Autocorrect on Windows 11

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10 Jul 2024

Microsoft has made significant improvements to Notepad in recent years, transforming the text editor into a modern app with added features like tab support, character and word count, spellcheck, and autocorrect. While these additions may seem like common sense for a text editor, it took Microsoft four decades to implement them.

Notepad users on Windows 11 can now benefit from the spellcheck and autocorrect features, which were spotted by Windows Latest during testing in an Insider build. After updating to version 11.2405.13.0, users will find these features pre-enabled, with the autocorrect function dependent on the spellcheck being active.

For those who use Notepad to view various file formats, such as code files, the spellcheck feature can be turned off selectively. This ensures that certain files do not undergo unnecessary spellchecking, unless desired.

Notepad now highlights misspelled words and offers suggestions upon hovering the cursor over them. Users can also access the spellcheck option through a right-click or keyboard shortcut, providing a seamless editing experience.

Send Notepad Text to Copilot

In early 2024, Windows Latest observed the integration of Copilot in Windows 11 Insider builds and native apps, including a feature in Notepad called “Explain with Copilot.” This option allowed users to send selected text to Copilot for interpretation and explanation.

However, recent builds have seen the disappearance of this feature from the context menu, possibly indicating a shift towards Copilot being a standalone app. While the initial testing may not have generated enough interest, Microsoft could consider integrating an AI explanation feature directly into Notepad for a more streamlined user experience.

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Update: 10 Jul 2024
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