Microsoft Enhances Notepad with Integrated Spellchecking Feature

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10 Jul 2024

Microsoft quietly introduced an upgraded Notepad application with integrated spellchecking back in March of this year. The tech giant has now rolled out this enhanced version of the Notepad plain text editor to traditional Windows 11.

Windows Notepad made its debut in 1983 and has remained relatively unchanged for many years. However, recent updates have brought some significant improvements to this long-standing application. Windows 10 introduced much-needed enhancements to Notepad in July 2018, including text zooming, wrap-around find/replace, and performance improvements for handling large files.

Notable Upgrades with Windows 11

With the launch of Windows 11 in late 2021, additional upgrades were made to Notepad. New features such as auto-save/session restore, a tabbed interface for managing multiple files, and dark mode compatibility were among the notable improvements.

The latest addition to Notepad is a built-in spellchecking feature, allowing users to easily correct spelling errors. Misspelled words will be highlighted with red squiggly lines, providing users with a quick way to identify and correct errors.

Users have the option to customize the spell check and autocorrect settings in the spelling correction menu. Some users can even disable spell checking for specific file types, offering a more tailored experience.

Feature Creep Concerns

While the updates to Windows Notepad have been well-received by users, there is a concern about feature creep. With WordPad being discontinued in Windows 11 after 28 years of service, Microsoft is encouraging users to utilize either Notepad or Word for their text processing needs.

The addition of the spellchecking feature to Notepad is considered a premium tool, providing users with a valuable and unexpected enhancement to this classic application.

How to open notepad as a web page?

Notepad is a desktop application and cannot be directly opened as a web page. However, you can use web-based text editors like EditPad, WriteURL, or online tools like Google Docs for similar functionality. These online tools provide a notepad-like environment accessible through a web browser. Just visit their URLs, and you can start using them without any installation.

How to use online notepad?

Using an online notepad is simple. Go to a website offering online notepad services, such as EditPad, Shrib, or Google Keep. You usually don't need to install anything or sign up; just start typing. These platforms often offer additional features like saving your notes online, exporting them, sharing, and even real-time collaboration. Simply visit the URL, find the text area, and begin writing your notes.
Update: 10 Jul 2024
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