Microsoft Announces Key Updates for Teams, Outlook, and Forms Users

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10 Jul 2024

Last week we witnessed lots of exciting developments in the realm of tech, including Microsoft releasing updates to WSL for Windows after almost two and a half years. Additionally, in the same period, Microsoft quietly updated its roadmap website, continuing its tradition of announcing Microsoft 365 features that are in the works.

Performance Improvements in Edge and Chrome

The last major performance update for Teams was rolled out last year. The company has plans for another performance upgrade, though it’s only for Edge and Chrome users. Microsoft will boost Teams performance when anonymous users join Teams meetings on the web via Google Chrome and Edge browsers (Feature IDs: 401116, 401117). The performance improvements will be available for Google Chrome users first in August, with the rollout for Edge users happening in October.

New Setting to Move Between Breakout Rooms

Another upcoming noteworthy change is a new setting to better manage breakout rooms in Teams meetings. When available, instead of meeting organizers assigning rooms to participants, the latter will be able to choose which room they wish to join (Feature ID: 121269). This will be possible because the setting will allow meeting organizers to make all the breakout rooms visible to all participants.

Bidirectional Support in Teams Live Interpretation

In the current scenario, Teams Live Interpretation allows users to listen to live events in their preferred languages. However, it can’t translate in both directions between two languages. That will change when Teams for PC and Mac receive bidirectional support for Teams Live Interpretation in August this year (Feature ID: 403103). The bidirectional support simply means that the Teams Live Interpretation tool will be capable enough to automatically translate between a pair of languages when they’re exchanged.

Microsoft Outlook: Improved Folder Navigation in New Outlook

Microsoft has one functionality planned for the new Outlook for Windows next month, too. It’ll introduce a CTRL + Y keyboard shortcut to quickly navigate to a folder (Feature ID: 403108). No matter where you’re at in Outlook, pressing the shortcut key followed by the first letter of the folder name will take you directly to that folder. The trick will just be to remember the first letter of the folder you want.

Copilot for Microsoft 365: Step-by-Step Solutions for Quiz Questions

Copilot in Microsoft Forms will get a new quiz feature next month. Copilot will “show its work” to demonstrate problem-solving steps. For those who pay a monthly subscription fee to use Copilot in Microsoft 365, you’ll be able to “generate step-by-step solutions for each question” in Microsoft Forms (Feature ID: 392843). This will come in handy if you’re a teacher. For example, you can allow students to view the steps to a solution (supported by Copilot) for all those quiz questions you’ve prepared.

Microsoft Forms: Validate Responses

We don’t see Microsoft announcing new features for Microsoft Forms as often as it does for Teams. Last week was special, not only because Microsoft announced something new for Forms, but also due to the potential impact the change will have on a large number of users who have been asking for it for a very long time.

Microsoft is currently working on a validation feature for Forms. It’ll allow users to set specific requirements for answers to open-text questions (Feature ID: 400503). For example, if the question requires an email address from respondents, it will ensure that the input meets the criteria before submission.

Why can't I log into Microsoft Outlook?

There could be several reasons why you can't log into Microsoft Outlook. Common issues include incorrect username or password, account not registered or verified, internet connectivity issues, Outlook server problems, browser compatibility issues, or an outdated Outlook app. To troubleshoot, ensure your credentials are correct, check your internet connection, try logging in from a different browser or device, and make sure your Outlook app or browser is up to date.

Microsoft To Do list Outlook integration?

Microsoft To Do integrates seamlessly with Outlook. You can sync your tasks between Microsoft To Do and Outlook by connecting your Microsoft account. Tasks created in Outlook will appear in Microsoft To Do and vice versa. In Outlook, you can view flagged emails as tasks in To Do. This helps streamline task management across both platforms, making sure you stay organized and up to date with your tasks whether you're on Outlook or To Do.
Update: 10 Jul 2024
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