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Discover Ruby, a versatile and dynamic object-oriented programming language crafted by Yukihiro 'Matz' Matsumoto in 1993. Ruby blends the best features of Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp, resulting in a powerful tool for developers. Widely used in web development, Ruby has become one of the most prolific programming languages today. Our installation package includes the latest Ruby version, the SciTE code editor, and the comprehensive FreeRide compiler. FreeRide offers robust features, allowing you to write Ruby applications, debug source code, and access extensive syntax documentation. Embrace the flexibility and efficiency of Ruby for your next project.
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29 May 2024
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Yukihiro “matz” Matsumoto
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18.3 MB

Ruby Features

Ruby is a dynamic, open-source programming language known for its simplicity and elegance. With its clean syntax and object-oriented approach, Ruby is perfect for both beginners and experienced developers. It offers a vast library of gems to extend functionality and a strong community for support. Whether you're building web applications, automation scripts, or games, Ruby's flexibility and readability make it a top choice for developers worldwide. Start coding with Ruby and unlock endless possibilities!

Code Execution

Execute Ruby code in real-time and see the results instantly. Perfect for testing small snippets or running scripts.

Syntax Highlighting

Highlight syntax errors and improve code readability with built-in syntax highlighting feature.

Debugging Tools

Use debugging tools like breakpoints and watch expressions to easily identify and fix bugs in your Ruby code.

Version Control

Integrate with Git and manage your Ruby projects with ease. Keep track of changes and collaborate with team members.

Package Management

Install and manage Ruby gems effortlessly with built-in package management tools. Keep your dependencies up to date.

Performance Optimization

Optimize your Ruby code for better performance using profiling tools and code analysis features.

Ruby overview


Ruby FAQ

A Ruby Tuesday Smashed Burger is a premium burger where the patty is smashed on the grill, giving it a crispy edge and juicy center. It is topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles, and usually served on a brioche bun.

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Ruby was the new companion announced in 2023, played by Millie Gibson. There are no further updates on who will succeed her yet.

Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson, was announced as the new companion in the Doctor Who series starting 2023.

Millie Gibson, who plays Ruby in Doctor Who, was born on June 19, 2004, making her 19 years old as of 2023.

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