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Experience a new dimension of desktop management with Shock 4Way 3D, the ultimate virtual desktop application. If you enjoyed the cube effect of Yodm 3D, you'll love Shock 4Way 3D's innovative approach to organizing your workspace. With Shock 4Way 3D, you get three additional perspectives for your desktop, allowing you to view the main desktop at the front and three virtual desktops on the sides and back. Rotate seamlessly between them and customize your background for a personalized touch. Powered by OpenGL technology, Shock 4Way 3D delivers smooth and stunning animations. Access a comprehensive contextual menu from the system tray and utilize the 'Screen Manager' to view all open applications across your virtual desktops. Shock 4Way 3D is a top-notch Windows application that simulates the Beryl effect, and best of all, it's completely free. Enhance your productivity and transform your desktop experience with Shock 4Way 3D today!
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29 May 2024
Shock 4Way 3D
8.1 MB
free of charge
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8.1 MB

Shock 4Way 3D Features

Shock 4Way 3D is a revolutionary application that brings a whole new dimension to multitasking on your computer. With its innovative 3D interface, you can effortlessly switch between four different desktops, each with its own unique layout and set of windows. This allows you to stay organized and focused, whether you're working on multiple projects or simply want to keep your personal and professional tasks separate. The sleek design and smooth transitions make navigating between desktops a breeze, while the customizable settings let you tailor the experience to suit your needs. Say goodbye to cluttered screens and hello to a more efficient and visually stunning way of working with Shock 4Way 3D.

Multi-Window Support

Easily manage multiple windows simultaneously for improved multitasking and productivity.

Customizable Layouts

Personalize your workspace with various layout options to suit your preferences and workflow.

Virtual Desktops

Create and switch between virtual desktops to organize your applications and reduce clutter.

Window Management Tools

Efficiently resize, move, and arrange windows with built-in tools for better control and organization.

3D Window Effects

Enhance your user experience with stunning 3D effects and animations for windows and transitions.

Hotkey Shortcuts

Speed up your workflow with customizable hotkey shortcuts for quick access to key features and actions.

Shock 4Way 3D overview


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