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Are you tired of dealing with unresponsive windows that refuse to close? Task Killer is here to save the day! This free Windows application makes it easy to terminate stubborn processes that won't respond to your clicks. Unlike the default Windows task manager, Task Killer is highly effective at stopping those pesky frozen windows. Once installed, Task Killer runs quietly in your system tray. Whenever you encounter a problem with an application, simply click the Task Killer icon. You'll see a comprehensive list of running processes, allowing you to effortlessly choose and terminate the problematic one. Best of all, Task Killer is completely free, making it an invaluable tool for anyone who frequently faces issues with unresponsive windows. Say goodbye to frozen screens and hello to smooth, hassle-free computing with Task Killer!
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29 May 2024
Task Killer
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Task Killer Features

Task Killer is the ultimate solution to boost your device's performance by efficiently terminating unnecessary background tasks and apps. With just a tap, you can free up memory, improve battery life, and enhance overall speed. Customize your experience by selecting which tasks to kill and enjoy a smoother and faster device. Say goodbye to lag and hello to a seamless user experience with Task Killer.

Task Manager

Manage all running tasks and background processes to improve device performance and save battery life.

Auto Task Killer

Automatically kill tasks at scheduled intervals to keep your device running smoothly without manual intervention.

Ignore List

Add specific apps to the ignore list to prevent them from being killed by the task killer.

Memory Boost

Free up memory by killing unnecessary tasks and background processes to speed up your device.

App Whitelist

Create a whitelist of apps that should never be killed by the task killer for uninterrupted usage.

Notification Cleaner

Clear unwanted notifications to declutter your notification bar and improve overall user experience.

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Task Killer FAQ

The first Jack tasked with killing Nobody Owens in Neil Gaiman's 'The Graveyard Book' is Jack Frost.

Attention residue occurs when shifting from one task to another, part of your attention remains stuck on the previous task, harming work performance by reducing cognitive resources for the current task.

You can know when Task Manager kills your app by monitoring the app's process status in Task Manager; it will disappear from the list of active processes. You might also get error logs if debugging is enabled.

To exclude an app from a task killer, go into the task killer's settings or whitelist feature and manually add the app to the exception list.

A task killer is a software tool that terminates tasks, applications, or processes running on a device to free up system resources like memory and CPU.

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