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Tetron is an engaging and addictive puzzle game that challenges players to strategically place falling blocks into a grid to clear lines and score points. Inspired by classic block-stacking games, Tetron offers a modern twist with vibrant graphics, smooth gameplay, and intuitive controls. Players must think quickly and plan ahead to fit the blocks together without leaving gaps. As the game progresses, the speed increases, adding to the excitement and difficulty. Perfect for casual gamers and puzzle enthusiasts alike, Tetron provides endless hours of entertainment. Whether you're looking to kill some time or test your strategic skills, Tetron is the perfect game to dive into. Available on multiple platforms, Tetron ensures you can enjoy the fun anytime, anywhere. Download Tetron today and see how high you can score!
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10 Jun 2024
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The content of games with a PEGI 3 rating is considered suitable for all age groups. The game should not contain any sounds or pictures that are likely to frighten young children. A very mild form of violence (in a comical context or a childlike setting) is acceptable. No bad language should be heard.

Equivalent to E (low end) and EC (which is no longer used). 435 titles were rated PEGI 3 in 2020.
3.5 MB

Tetron Features

Tetron is a fast-paced and addictive puzzle game that will test your reflexes and strategic thinking. With its simple yet challenging gameplay, you must rotate and place falling blocks to create full lines and clear the board. The game features multiple levels of increasing difficulty, colorful graphics, and catchy music to keep you entertained for hours. Challenge yourself to beat your high score and become the ultimate Tetron master!

Rotate Tetrominoes

Rotate the falling Tetrominoes to fit them into the available space and create solid lines to clear them.

Drop Tetrominoes

Quickly drop the falling Tetrominoes to the bottom of the grid to place them strategically and score points.

Clear Lines

Complete horizontal lines with Tetrominoes to clear them and make room for more pieces to fall.

Level Up

Advance through levels by clearing lines and earn higher scores as the game gets faster and more challenging.

Hold Tetrominoes

Temporarily store a Tetromino to use later when needed, allowing for strategic gameplay and higher scores.

Game Over

End the game when the Tetromino stack reaches the top of the grid, preventing any more pieces from falling.

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