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Discover the ultimate solution for managing your computer's sound with Volume Control, a user-friendly application for Windows. Unlike the limited built-in volume control, Volume Control offers a seamless way to adjust your computer's volume without the hassle of clicking. Simply hover your cursor over the system tray icon, and a meter will appear, allowing you to effortlessly change the volume by moving your mouse. Perfect for desktop computers lacking analog controls, this handy tool ensures you have quick and easy access to volume adjustments. Enhance your audio experience with Volume Control, the essential utility for your Windows system.
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29 May 2024
Volume Control
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Volume Control Features

Volume Control is the ultimate tool for managing your device's audio levels with ease. With a sleek and intuitive interface, you can quickly adjust the volume of your music, videos, and calls. Set custom volume profiles for different scenarios, such as work or home, and switch between them effortlessly. Never miss a beat with Volume Control at your fingertips.

Volume Adjustment

Easily adjust the volume of your device with a simple slider control for a personalized audio experience.

Mute Function

Quickly mute all audio output with a single tap to ensure privacy or silence notifications.

Equalizer Settings

Fine-tune the audio output with customizable equalizer settings to enhance the sound quality.

Headphone Detection

Automatically switch audio output to headphones when they are plugged in for seamless listening.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Effortlessly connect to Bluetooth devices and manage audio output for a wireless listening experience.

Widget Support

Access volume control directly from the home screen with widget support for convenient and quick adjustments.

Volume Control overview


Volume Control FAQ

To control the volume on AirPods Pro 2, swipe up or down on the stem of the AirPods. Make sure they are connected to your device and ensure the feature is enabled in settings.

Control the volume on Samsung Buds by tapping and holding the touchpad on the earbuds. You can customize the controls via the Galaxy Wearable app.

To control the volume using a Samsung remote, press the volume up (+) or down (-) button located on the remote's side or front.

Yes, you can control your TV volume with Xbox One if you set up the Kinect or use an IR Blaster. Go to ‘TV & OneGuide’ settings to configure the volume control.

You can control TV volume with Xbox One X by configuring the IR Blaster in the settings menu under ‘TV & OneGuide’. Alternatively, you can use the Kinect sensor for voice commands.

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