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Discover the ultimate file search solution with VX Search, a robust tool designed to help you locate any file or directory on your operating system effortlessly. This free, rule-based software streamlines the search process, allowing you to find files by category, name, type, size, extension, location, date, tags, and more. Simply input your criteria, and VX Search will deliver precise results, enabling you to copy, move, or delete files with ease. VX Search also excels in network scanning, identifying network servers and NAS storage devices. It automatically detects shared resources, allowing you to search across hundreds of servers efficiently. Export your search results in various formats, including HTML, PDF, Excel, text, XML, and CSV. Simplify your file management and network searches with VX Search, the comprehensive tool for all your file locating needs.
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29 May 2024
VX Search
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6.7 MB

VX Search Features

VX Search is a powerful file search tool that allows you to quickly and easily find files on your computer based on various criteria such as file type, size, date, and more. With its intuitive interface and advanced search options, VX Search makes it simple to locate and manage your files with ease. Whether you're looking for a specific document or just trying to clean up your hard drive, VX Search has got you covered. Say goodbye to endless scrolling through folders and let VX Search do the work for you.

File Classification

Classify files by the file type, category, extension, user name, file size, etc. and organize them in a hierarchical tree.

Duplicate Files Search

Scan the file system, detect duplicate files, and remove or move them to a different location to free up disk space.

Rule-Based File Search

Search files based on user-defined rules, such as file name, extension, date, size, attributes, etc. with advanced filtering options.

Disk Space Analysis

Analyze disk space usage by file type, size, attributes, user name, etc. Generate reports and charts for better visualization.

Real-Time File Synchronization

Synchronize files in real-time between multiple locations, such as local disks, network shares, and removable devices.

File Management Actions

Perform various file management actions, including copy, move, delete, rename, compress, encrypt, and shred files securely.

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