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Discover Weft QDA, the ultimate free and open-source tool for text analysis. Perfect for interviews, studies, and more, Weft QDA simplifies the process of organizing and categorizing data. Say goodbye to traditional notepads and hello to a clearer, more detailed understanding of your documents. With Weft QDA, you can create unlimited categories and classify text fragments as you read, giving you a comprehensive view of your content. Ideal for researchers, students, and professionals, Weft QDA ensures all relevant information is neatly organized for you. Try Weft QDA today and revolutionize your text analysis process!
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29 May 2024
Weft QDA
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2.7 MB

Weft QDA Features

Weft QDA is a powerful qualitative data analysis tool that allows you to easily organize, code, and analyze your research data. With its intuitive interface and robust features, you can efficiently manage large datasets, create visualizations, and uncover meaningful insights. Whether you're conducting interviews, surveys, or focus groups, Weft QDA streamlines the process and helps you make sense of your data quickly and effectively. Say goodbye to tedious manual coding and hello to a more efficient and insightful research experience with Weft QDA.

Data Import

Easily import data from various sources to start your analysis quickly.

Code and Retrieve Data

Code and retrieve data efficiently to organize your qualitative analysis.

Text Analysis

Conduct in-depth text analysis to uncover insights and patterns in your data.


Create visualizations to present your qualitative data in a clear and compelling way.

Collaboration Tools

Collaborate with team members in real-time to enhance the analysis process.

Export Results

Export your analysis results in various formats for further use and sharing.

Weft QDA overview



To use Weft QDA, first download and install the software. Create a new project, import your documents, and define coding categories. Highlight text segments and assign codes. Analyze coded data using tools like code frequency and co-occurrence analysis.

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