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WIFI Guard is the perfect solution for monitoring your WiFi network and ensuring its security. If your connection is sluggish, it might be due to unauthorized users. With WIFI Guard, you can instantly see who is connected to your network, including their device names, MAC addresses, and IP addresses. Easily add personalized names and mark trusted devices with a single click. Schedule regular network checks or receive alerts when unknown devices connect, so you can stay worry-free. Minimize the app to keep it running in the system tray, and export the list of devices for your records. WIFI Guard helps you keep your network free from unwanted users and provides detailed information about connected devices. Keep your WiFi secure and running smoothly with WIFI Guard.
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29 May 2024
WIFI Guard
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SoftPerfect Research
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6.6 MB

WIFI Guard Features

WIFI Guard is your ultimate security companion for all your wireless networks. With real-time monitoring and alerts, you can easily detect any unauthorized devices trying to access your network. Stay one step ahead with the ability to block intruders and keep your data safe. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage your network and ensure only trusted devices are connected. Don't compromise on your security - download WIFI Guard now and take control of your wireless world.

Network Monitoring

Monitor all devices connected to your WiFi network in real-time to detect any unauthorized access or suspicious activity.

Device Blocking

Block unwanted devices from accessing your WiFi network by easily blacklisting them through the application.

Security Alerts

Receive instant alerts and notifications whenever a new device connects to your WiFi network or when suspicious activity is detected.

Bandwidth Control

Manage and control the bandwidth usage of devices connected to your WiFi network to ensure optimal performance for all users.

Guest Network

Set up a separate guest network with limited access to your main network to enhance security and protect your personal data.

Network Speed Test

Run speed tests to check the performance of your WiFi network and troubleshoot any issues affecting your internet speed.

WIFI Guard overview



To use SoftPerfect WiFi Guard: 1. Download and install the software. 2. Launch it and configure the scan interval. 3. Add known devices to the trusted list. 4. Run scans to detect unknown or unauthorized devices. 5. Review alerts for new device connections.

WiFi Guard is a network monitoring tool that helps secure WiFi networks by scanning for unauthorized devices. It alerts users about unknown devices that connect to the network, ensuring only trusted devices are connected.

A WiFi router guard is typically made of metal mesh material, such as stainless steel or aluminum. It acts as a Faraday cage, blocking electromagnetic signals and reducing exposure to radiation emitted by the router.

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