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Enhance your home or office security effortlessly and affordably with Xeoma, a versatile security application. Forget about expensive equipment or hiring professionals; Xeoma allows you to set up a comprehensive security network in minutes using budget-friendly cameras. Compatible with nearly any camera model, Xeoma lets you easily add modules and assign tasks, transforming your devices into motion detectors. Monitor live feeds in a classic security layout and receive instant alerts via email or text if a breach occurs. Access your recordings remotely from any location with Xeoma installed on another computer. For optimal performance, install Xeoma on the computer connected to your cameras. Save money and enhance your security with Xeoma, the ultimate solution for a safer environment.
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29 May 2024
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102.5 MB

Xeoma Features

Xeoma is a revolutionary video surveillance software that offers advanced features in a user-friendly interface. With its intelligent motion detection, facial recognition, and object tracking capabilities, Xeoma ensures maximum security for your home or business. Its flexible scheduling and remote access make monitoring easy and convenient. Experience the power of Xeoma and take control of your security needs today.

Motion Detection

Detects motion in the surveillance area and triggers alerts or recording based on user-defined settings.

Face Recognition

Recognizes faces in the camera feed and can be used for access control or identifying known individuals.

Object Tracking

Tracks moving objects in real-time and provides visual feedback on their location within the frame.

License Plate Recognition

Reads license plates from vehicles passing through the camera's field of view for security and monitoring purposes.

Audio Detection

Detects sounds or noises in the environment and can trigger alerts or recording based on predefined thresholds.

Cloud Storage Integration

Allows users to store their surveillance footage securely in the cloud for easy access and backup.

Xeoma overview


Xeoma FAQ

Download the Xeoma installer from the official website. Open a terminal and run: `sudo dpkg -i xeoma_linux.deb`. After installation, start Xeoma using: `sudo /usr/local/Xeoma/xeoma.app -core`. Adjust firewall settings if needed.

Download Xeoma from the official website. Open a terminal and run: `sudo dpkg -i xeoma_linux.deb`. If there are dependency issues, resolve them with: `sudo apt-get install -f`. Start Xeoma with: `sudo /usr/local/Xeoma/xeoma.app -core`.

For Debian-based systems, download Xeoma from the official website. Use `sudo dpkg -i xeoma_linux.deb` to install. For RPM-based systems, use `sudo rpm -i xeoma_linux.rpm`. Start Xeoma with: `sudo /usr/local/Xeoma/xeoma.app -core`.

Launch Xeoma and configure your cameras in the interface. Create a chain of modules (visual blocks) for tasks like motion detection, recording, and notification. Customize settings for each module as needed.

Start Xeoma and add cameras by following the setup wizard. Use the drag-and-drop interface to link modules for video management, like motion recording, alerts, and streams. Configure each module according to your needs.

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