YouTube App May Add Sleep Timer Feature to Manage Playback Times

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25 Jun 2024

Looks like YouTube will join other streaming apps to help users control their playback times. This feature is said to stop playback automatically after you’ve fallen asleep. According to Android Authority, Android expert AssembleDebug looked into the beta version 19.25.33 of the YouTube app for Android and found hints of an upcoming timer functionality. The APK teardown into the app showed references to this feature called “sleeptimercontent_title,” it also looks like users can pick the hours and/or minutes left until playback stops. Available on the YouTube Music app for a while now and will presumably work the same way on the video app as well. It displays the time left for playback along with a 5-minute timer or canceling it altogether. It’s one of the most useful features already available on many of the best music streaming services, including Spotify.

Unveiling the Sleep Timer Feature

The sleep timer feature will allow users to set specific playback times, ensuring that their viewing experience is tailored to their schedules. Users can choose the hours or minutes left until playback stops, or even override the sleep time to watch content a bit longer. This flexibility is designed to enhance user control and convenience, making it easier to manage screen time, especially before bed.

It remains unclear how users will be able to access the feature, assuming it rolls out to everyone. With YouTube Music, users can access the sleep timer option from the three-dot menu on the Now Playing screen. Like many unreleased features discovered through an APK teardown, we can’t be certain if or when this will be made available for public release. Given that this feature already exists on the Music app, there’s no reason for Google not to introduce it on the video app.

YouTube has been seen making several changes to its app, including a redesign that was spotted earlier this week. YouTube Music’s web version now features a two-column layout for albums and playlists, similar to the Android tablet app. The left column displays album art, release year, detailed descriptions, and handy control buttons. Meanwhile, the right column lists tracks with play counts, durations, and artist details.

As YouTube continues to evolve and enhance its user experience, the introduction of a sleep timer feature could be a significant step towards providing more personalized and user-friendly options. Whether you’re watching a late-night documentary or listening to your favorite playlist, this potential new feature aims to ensure that your playback times are just right.

Update: 25 Jun 2024
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