New Discounts on Improved Windows Apps Including Microsoft PowerToys

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06 Jul 2024

This week, the tech-savvy community is buzzing with excitement over a slew of discounts and updates in the world of Windows apps. While some deals extend beyond a single week, the spotlight is on new and significantly improved applications. As always, for a comprehensive list of offers, make sure to visit the Store.

New or Notably Improved Windows Apps

The latest batch of updates brings enhancements to some beloved tools, ensuring users have a smoother and more efficient experience.

Microsoft PowerToys

Version 0.82 of Microsoft PowerToys might not introduce groundbreaking features, but it certainly refines the versatile app across the board. This update addresses several critical issues such as crashes and a memory leak, alongside usability improvements. For instance, the Peek feature no longer activates accidentally when users rename files on their devices, making file management more seamless.

Winaero Tweaker

The popular Windows tweaking tool, Winaero Tweaker, has rolled out its latest version packed with a plethora of new options:

  • Remove ads from Recommended in Start menu.
  • Permanently enable Ribbon mode in File Explorer.
  • New Microsoft Edge tweaks to disable annoyance or bloat.
  • Remove Edit with Clipchamp from context menu.

These additions empower users to customize their Windows experience further, eliminating unwanted features and streamlining their workflow.

WOA Device Manager

For those adventurous enough to install Windows on certain Android devices, WOA Device Manager is here to assist. The project is particularly supportive of Microsoft Surface Duo devices. While the app simplifies the installation process, it remains a highly technical endeavor. Users are strongly advised to create backups before diving into this venture.

This week’s updates and discounts offer something for everyone, from casual users looking for minor tweaks to power users seeking significant enhancements. Make sure to explore all offers and take advantage of these improvements to optimize your Windows experience.

How to download Microsoft PowerToys?

To download Microsoft PowerToys, follow these steps: 1. Visit the official Microsoft PowerToys GitHub repository at 2. In the 'Latest' release section, find the '.exe' file for the latest version. 3. Click on the '.exe' file to start the download. 4. Once downloaded, open the file and follow the installation instructions. Ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements before proceeding with the installation.

What is Microsoft PowerToys?

Microsoft PowerToys is a set of utilities designed to streamline and enhance the Windows user experience. Originally introduced for Windows 95 and later revived for Windows 10, these tools offer advanced features for power users. They include utilities like FancyZones for window management, PowerToys Run for a quick launch experience, and PowerRename for bulk renaming files. PowerToys aims to increase productivity by providing users with more control and customization options over their operating system.
Update: 06 Jul 2024
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