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Nokia PC Suite is a versatile application designed to help you manage your Nokia mobile phone directly from your PC. Whether you own a feature-rich model like the N95 or N93, or any other Nokia phone, this suite offers a seamless connection between your mobile device and computer. With Nokia PC Suite, you can effortlessly send SMS, transfer photos, synchronize contacts, install themes and games, set backgrounds, and much more. This official Nokia software makes it far more convenient to handle your mobile tasks on a larger screen. Enjoy the full potential of your Nokia phone with this free and user-friendly suite.
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29 May 2024
Nokia PC Suite
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33.9 MB

Nokia PC Suite Features

Nokia PC Suite is a versatile software that allows you to connect your Nokia phone to your computer effortlessly. With this application, you can easily transfer files, sync contacts, messages, and calendar events between your phone and PC. It also enables you to update your phone's software, manage multimedia content, and even send text messages directly from your computer. Stay organized and connected with Nokia PC Suite, the ultimate tool for seamless communication between your devices.

File Management

Easily manage files between your Nokia phone and computer, including transferring, deleting, and organizing files.

Backup and Restore

Backup your phone data to your computer and restore it when needed, ensuring your important information is safe.

Contact Sync

Sync your contacts between your Nokia phone and computer, making it easy to keep your address book up to date.


Send and receive SMS messages from your computer, making it convenient to stay in touch with friends and family.

Software Updates

Easily update your Nokia phone's software to ensure it is running smoothly and has the latest features and security patches.

Media Management

Manage your music, photos, and videos on your Nokia phone, including transferring, organizing, and playing media files.

Nokia PC Suite overview


Nokia PC Suite FAQ

To save SMS from Nokia PC Suite, connect your Nokia phone to the PC, open PC Suite, select 'Messages', choose the conversations you want to save, and use the 'File' menu to export or save them to your desired location.

In Nokia PC Suite, open 'Messaging', create a new message, add multiple recipients by selecting contacts or inputting numbers, and then click 'Send'. This allows you to send a message to multiple contacts simultaneously.

Connect the Nokia 5233 to your PC using a USB cable, open Nokia PC Suite, select 'Software Updates', and follow the on-screen instructions to check for updates and install the latest software.

Export contacts from Nokia PC Suite to a CSV file, then upload this file to your Google Account. Sync your Google account on your Android device to import the contacts.

To copy contacts using Nokia PC Suite, connect your phone to the PC, open PC Suite, select 'Contacts', and use the export function to save them to your computer. You can then import them to another device.

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