Notepad Adds Spellcheck Feature, Similar to Microsoft Word

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29 Jun 2024

You don’t always need to open a Microsoft Word document if you want to quickly record something, as the trusty Notepad seamlessly opens a simple plain text document that works just as well. It’s great if you just need to type some things out and don’t necessarily need to worry about customizing the text a great deal. Notepad has been a mainstay of Windows for decades, and in March 2024, Microsoft finally rolled out a spellcheck feature for the program.

Spellcheck: A Welcome Addition

It works just like you’d expect — if you misspell a word, Notepad puts a red line underneath it, and you can then click on the underlined word or hit Shift+F10 to get it fixed up. Simply select the word you want, and it’ll change so that you can get back to typing out the rest of your document. You can also add what Notepad perceives to be a misspelled word to the dictionary in case you plan on using it again and don’t want it to be marked in the future.

Notepad was always meant to include fewer features than something like Microsoft Word, but spellcheck is still a useful addition. Spellcheck should automatically be implemented for Windows users, but if it’s not, it can be activated through Notepad’s settings — simply right-click on the text field and head to Spelling to turn spellcheck on or off.

This new feature brings a touch of modernity to the classic application, making it even more versatile for users who need quick and efficient text editing without the bells and whistles of more complex software. The integration of spellcheck into Notepad is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing user experience across all its platforms.

For those who rely on Notepad for jotting down quick notes, coding, or even drafting simple documents, this update is a game-changer. No longer will users have to switch between applications or endure the embarrassment of overlooked typos. The spellcheck feature ensures that even the simplest of text files can maintain a level of professionalism and accuracy.

As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how this update influences the way people use Notepad. Will it become a more integral part of daily workflows? Only time will tell. For now, users can enjoy the enhanced functionality and peace of mind that comes with knowing their spelling is being looked after by one of the most trusted names in software.

Update: 29 Jun 2024
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