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TRx Phone Recorder is a versatile app designed to effortlessly record phone calls using a modem, phone card, or suitable adaptor. With TRx, you can choose to save your recordings in WAV or MP3 format and even email them directly to your contacts. The app is user-friendly, featuring convenient hotkeys that allow you to start, pause, and resume recordings without needing a mouse. Packed with useful features like call identification and call waiting, TRx Phone Recorder is the ideal solution for anyone needing to record phone conversations. Whether for personal or professional use, TRx ensures you never miss a detail.
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29 May 2024
TRx Phone Recorder
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TRx Phone Recorder Features

TRx Phone Recorder is a cutting-edge application that allows you to effortlessly record phone calls on your computer. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manage and organize your recordings. The software offers crystal-clear audio quality and supports a wide range of phone systems. Whether you're a business professional or just want to keep track of important conversations, TRx Phone Recorder is the perfect tool for you. Stay organized and never miss a detail with this powerful recording solution.

Call Recording

Easily record incoming and outgoing calls with crystal clear sound quality for future reference or legal purposes.

Auto Recording

Enable automatic call recording feature to ensure all conversations are captured without manual intervention.

Cloud Backup

Securely store all recorded calls in the cloud for easy access and backup, ensuring data safety and convenience.

Playback Options

Enjoy various playback options such as speed control, repeat, and skip to easily navigate through recorded calls.

Organized Storage

Efficiently organize recorded calls by date, time, or contact to quickly find and review specific conversations.

Custom Settings

Customize recording settings such as quality, format, and storage location to suit your preferences and needs.

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