Helldivers 2 Bug Allows Players to Reduce Fall Damage with Emotes

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10 Jul 2024

The Helldivers are currently engaged in an intense battle on planet X-45, fueled by a major order that has sparked curiosity about the rewards of a mysterious interplanetary battle station. Despite making good progress, a sudden assault from the Automatons has forced over 50% of all Helldivers to focus their efforts on this single planet.

A Surprising Discovery Amidst Chaos

Amidst the chaos, players have stumbled upon a surprising discovery – a new bug that actually works in their favor. In Helldivers 2, fall damage has been introduced as a new challenge, adding a layer of complexity to the gameplay. Depending on the circumstances, a fall can be as deadly as facing a Bile Titan head-on.

Players have been experimenting with different heights to determine the extent of damage reduction when using emotes. It turns out that emoting, particularly with the “hug” or “salute” gestures, can significantly reduce fall damage, making what would have been fatal falls survivable.

The Physics Behind the Glitch

Speculation is rife among the community about the underlying physics of Helldivers 2, which seem to blend precision with unexpected outcomes. The theory is that the rigid posture assumed during an emote in mid-air causes the Helldiver to land in a way that distributes the damage to a single limb, rather than spreading it across multiple limbs and resulting in a fatal outcome.

The community has embraced this newfound glitch, humorously dubbing it the “T-pose of democracy.” Whether the developers will embrace or eliminate this bug in the next patch remains to be seen. In the meantime, players are encouraged to embrace the glitch, adapt their strategies, and stiffen up for victory in the ongoing battle on planet X-45.

Helldivers 2 major order reward how to get?

To get major order rewards in Helldivers 2, players must complete specific objectives classified as major orders. These can be part of mission directives where players need to show exceptional performance, such as eliminating a certain number of enemies, completing missions without losing lives, or achieving high scores. Rewards often include special gear, weapons, or upgrades that enhance the player's capabilities.

Why is helldivers 2 not on xbox series x?

Helldivers 2 is not available on Xbox Series X primarily due to exclusivity agreements between the game developer and Sony. Such agreements often involve significant investments or marketing deals, ensuring that the game remains exclusive to PlayStation platforms for a certain period or indefinitely. These deals are strategic to attract players to the PlayStation ecosystem.
Update: 10 Jul 2024