Crunchy Bridge for Analytics Now Supports Querying Apache Iceberg Data

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10 Jul 2024

The latest release of Crunchy Bridge for Analytics by Crunchy Data introduces the ability to query Apache Iceberg data directly from Postgres, along with several other enhancements.

Enhancements in the Latest Release

Apache Iceberg, a high-performance file format, has become a standard for managing large analytic tables across various industries. With this update, users can now set up foreign tables that read Iceberg files, enabling fast analytical queries. This builds on previous support for Parquet, CSV, and JSON files in object storage such as Amazon S3.

Initially released in April 2024, Crunchy Bridge for Analytics allows users to interact with their data lake using PostgreSQL commands through extensions and a vectorized, parallel query engine. This tool is available today within Crunchy Bridge, Crunchy Data’s fully managed cloud Postgres service.

Other enhancements in this latest release include support for full SQL pushdown, which provides richer support for complex analytical reporting requirements.

“Native querying of Iceberg files further extends the value of Crunchy Bridge’s growing analytics capabilities,” said Craig Kerstiens, Crunchy Data Chief Product Officer. “The ability to natively query data like Iceberg tables or Parquet files where they live is an exciting advancement. Combined with Crunchy Bridge’s saved queries, built-in connection pooling, VPC, container apps, and much more, makes Crunchy Bridge the leading platform for developers to run production Postgres.”

Crunchy Bridge users can provision Crunchy Bridge for Analytics clusters directly from their existing Crunchy Bridge accounts. To learn more about Crunchy Bridge for Analytics or get started, visit Crunchy Bridge.

About Crunchy Data

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Update: 10 Jul 2024