New Strategy Revolutionizes Elden Ring Boss Battles with Stunning Efficiency

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10 Jul 2024

Poor Malenia, Blade of Miquella, has long been known as Elden Ring’s training dummy for testing out some of the most absurd builds. From being bullied by strange characters to having flies thrown at her, she has endured it all. However, a new duo of players has now discovered a game-changing strategy that questions her status as one of the toughest bosses in the game.

A New Strategy Emerges

Reddit user oRezyn shared a video showcasing how Shadow of the Erdtree’s new hand-to-hand weapon type can completely trivialize the duel against Malenia. By using the Dryleaf Whirlwind Ash of War, the duo known as ‘Let us duo her’ managed to stun lock Malenia for a solid minute without taking any damage.

According to oRezyn, the strategy doesn’t require any specific build, just Dane’s Footwork and the right weapon from the DLC. To replicate this tactic, players need to reach the final area in Shadow of the Erdtree and have a partner with the same loadout.

If you’re lucky, you might encounter Let us duo her in your game and summon them as allies for the boss fight. However, it’s crucial not to interfere with their strategy, as any additional attacks can disrupt the stun lock and cause Malenia to flee.

While Elden Ring’s original hero Let Me Solo Her has moved on to tackle the expansion’s final boss, the duo Let us duo her has emerged as the new champions of kicking prowess. With their unconventional strategy, they have become the go-to allies for players seeking to defeat Malenia with ease.

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Update: 10 Jul 2024