Windows 11 Update KB5040442 Brings Key Enhancements for Users

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10 Jul 2024

Windows 11 KB5040442: Enhancements and New Features

Windows 11 KB5040442 is here, bringing a host of improvements and new features to enhance user experience. This update, available for both 64-bit and 32-bit (x86) systems, can be directly downloaded from the Microsoft Update Catalog. Let's delve into the key highlights of Windows 11 Build 22631.3880.

Return of the "Show Desktop" Button

One of the notable changes in this build is the return of the “Show desktop” button. Previously hidden by default when Microsoft introduced Copilot, users can now easily access this feature. Simply right-click the taskbar, select Taskbar settings, and adjust Taskbar behaviors at the bottom of the page to bring back this handy button.

Enhanced File Compression Capabilities

KB5040442 introduces new file compression options. Users can now create 7-Zip and Tape Archive (TAR) files directly from the context menu. By right-clicking a file and selecting “Compress to,” you can utilize tools like gzip and bzip2. Additionally, a new compression wizard in Additional Options helps you choose formats and add details, allowing you to adjust compression levels and data types stored in archives.

Improved File Explorer

File Explorer has received a subtle yet useful update. A thin black border now appears around selected files or folders, making it easier to see your selections. Furthermore, a new Copy button in the Windows Share window simplifies the process of copying files.

Start Menu Gets Account Manager

The Start menu has been enhanced with a new account manager feature. This addition provides a quick glance at your Microsoft account benefits and makes it easier to manage your account settings. However, accessing features like “Sign out” and “Switch user” now requires tapping on the new three dots button.

Copilot Becomes an App

The Copilot feature has evolved into a standalone app pinned to the taskbar. It behaves like a typical app, allowing you to resize, move, and snap the window. This feature is being rolled out gradually and will initially be available for new Windows 11 PCs and new Copilot+ PCs in the European Economic Area (EEA) and other markets.

Additional Fixes and Improvements

  • The update addresses an issue with the touch keyboard that prevented the entry of special characters when using the Japanese 106 keyboard.
  • An issue affecting the Snipping Tool, where audio distortions occurred when recording videos on some PCs, has been resolved.
  • The update fixes a problem where the “Safely Remove Hardware” option failed when Task Manager was open.

With these enhancements, Windows 11 KB5040442 aims to provide a smoother and more efficient user experience, catering to both productivity and convenience.

Update: 10 Jul 2024